but it was never designed to do this

I like starting over, I think it's the engineer in me. The idea of taking something from the planning phase, through execution to a checkpoint that marks the end of a project, I love starting over again and again.

I've been blogging about security and technology for 6 years according to The Wayback Machine, there were periods there where I did nothing but maintain a domain for the email address and moved on to social media and life-casting - things got boring, the echo-chamber of the internet unbearable and the creation of new content seemed to be a speck of a signal in a sea of noise... so I hibernated, dedicated my time to other hobbies that didn't revolve around digital security and privacy and moved on. But life has a way of pulling you back into things and right now I feel I should be speaking up, I should be making that signal and make it loud enough so it's not to be confused with noise. "Be the trouble you want to see in the world" - Let's do it!

Nuno Povoa

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